Steps to Book

Get an appointment in four easy steps

1. Select a Package


2. Enter Check-in Date


3. Add Room


4. Review Booking


5. Confirm Booking

Our package entails:
  • Online room booking facility opens to the Guests 180 days prior to the date of check in. The booking has to be made at least 10 days prior to the date of admission.
  • Booking option is available for the guests with children above 12 years of age. Children above 15 years are allowed to book individually
  • Child (up to 8 years) can stay free of charge with parents without extra bed.
  • Children above 8 years of age will be treated as young adults and the prevalent reservation charges will be applicable and levied.
  • Booking option is available for children about 12 years of age along with parents.
  • Individual Guest can book rooms for 6 people maximum in one time.
  • Rooms booked cannot be transferred/Dates cannot be changed
  • In case of unforeseen circumstances, a guests may be requested to stay in an accommodation provided other than the reserved one.
  • Submission of the Confirmation mail /SMS in admission counter is an essential requirement
  • Id number should belong to the person in whose the room is booked.
  • Adhar card as an Identification proof is necessary for all the Guests.
  • The Hospital- authority will not be responsible for any unforeseen problems to the Guests during the stay.
  • No eatables including Biscuits, Chocolates & any snack items will be allowed inside the campus.
  • Guests are advice to bring their routine medicines & has to follow the same throughout the treatment.
  • Effectiveness of the treatment depends on adherence of Guest to the SHRF designed treatment schedule.
  • The hospital management holds right to reject admission/discharge in-between the course of treatment without giving any reason
  • During the course of stay, guests will not be allowed to go out of the campus nor to take outside food.
  • If medical information is concealed or wrong information is given the admission will be cancelled and amount paid will not be refunded
  • Room and treatment charges are subject to change without prior intimation
  • Doctor has the right to reject admission after face to face consultation.
  • Rooms are to be shared by two Guests. If booked as single sharing, then only one guest will be allowed to stay single.
  • Management reserves the right to modify the existing terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice.
  • Smoking, alcohol, zarda/pan is not allowed in the campus. Also please abstain from taking such items at least 7 days before admission for better results. If any of these found inside the campus, management will be having all rights to send the guest back without any further discussion & without refund of the fees paid.
  • Guests should disclose the recent Medical reports, Medicines with prescription during face to face consultation
  • Wi-Fi facility is not available inside the campus, kindly do your own arrangement as the available networks are - AIRTEL and JIO
  • Pack for daily wear cloths (T shirts, Track pant, Shoes, Good number of inner) while arriving for the admission.
  • Individual can bring your own Yoga mat. We will be providing common yoga mat.
  • Cooking inside the room and pets are strictly prohibited.
  • Accommodation charges and approximate treatment charges for the entire period of stay are payable in advance at the prevailing rate at the time of booking
  • Please read the cancellation policy before obtaining the confirmed reservation
  • Rates displayed online are not guaranteed until the confirmation voucher is generated. The rates are generally dynamic in nature. Once a rate is selected and transaction is executed by you, no other rate is applicable either higher or lower and enforce no refund is admissible
  • We reserve the right to modify or cancel the reservation if it appears, at sole discretion of the hospital, that a guest is engaged in fraudulent, illegal or other inappropriate activity or the reservation is obtained fraudulently or with malafide intention or mistake or error
  • All extra services & amenities not part of this offer will be available at an on additional charge only
  • Rates may change without notice and may vary for special events except for confirmed reservation against the advance payment
  • If you fail to arrive at the Hospital on the arrival date the entire reservation will be cancelled automatically by the hospital and will be charged for the entire reservation
  • If you fail to check in on the first date but still continue your travel plan to get admitted to the treatment, please, urgently, contact us to keep the room/bed for you for the rest of the days. Otherwise as mentioned above, the entire reservation will be auto-cancelled and no refund admissible
  • Please note that Hospital neither guarantees nor liable to admit any request for amendment in plan or any other special requests which shall be admissible subject to availability on arrival
  • Sanctity to be maintain in the hospital premises, Kindly co-operate
  • I have read the conditions mentioned above, all of which I heartly accept and solemnly undertake that I shall abide by the rules & regulations mentioned above faithfully. I opt for treatment on my own accord.
  • In the event of complications and/or adverse reactions arising during my stay at SHRF Yogabana, the management will not be held responsible and it has the right to shift/refer me to a suitable medical institution for necessary treatment, at my own cost.